Geo Planet will organize the Wildmarathon Series

The event organizer Geo Planet (in the technical and sports area) , together with the international tour operator Makalu adventures (logistics and hotel area) will organize the international running circuit Wildmarathon Series, which starts in 2021.

The  Wildmarathon series presents a marathon, half-marathon and 10k format and will visit some of the most scenic spots on the planet. Among the suggestive destinations are the Annapurna, the jungle of Cozumel, the desert of Merzouga, the arctic of Lapland or the savannah at the foot of Kilimanjaro.

There will be five events that will make up the circuit: Yeti Marathon in Nepal (9 October 2021), Mayan Marathon in Mexico (5 December 2021), Dune Marathon in Morocco (20 February 2022), Artic Marathon in Finland (3 April 2022) and Kilimasai Marathon in Tanzania (31 July 2022).

Each event will combine the competitive part with a stay with parallel activities: from training sessions, stretching or yoga to local activities or real adventures like a trekking in Nepal, a diving activity in Mexico, a safari in Tanzania, a camel ride in Morocco or a tour on sleds pulled by huskies in Finland.
Registration can be done by individuals, teams/companies and companions. All the races will have anti covid-19 protocols and will not be massive and it will be possible to follow in real time the circuits with GSM coverage where the participants will take geolocators.

The circuit will have an internal championship, which will count the score of the two best results of the five of each season and apart will be eligible for a trophy Wildrunner all terrain (snow, desert, jungle, savannah, mountain) for the runners who manages to make all the races, even in different years.

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