Apolo Esperanza.

He is the author of the books “La vuelta al mundo en 5 retos ” and “8 skills to deal with 8  marathons” Geographer, Master in Environmental Management specialized in sport Geotourism . Master MBA . Has over 15 years of experience managing internationalization processes in different companies . Give talks and presentations at institutions , sport clubs, corporate headquarters … He collaborates with sports press ( Superdeporte FreeSportMagazine … ) where he writes technical articles and reports . In sport , is Postgraduate in Sports Coaching and Triathlon coach. Through the projects GeoRunning and Geo5 , has made sport challenges in 5 continents as diverse as the crossing of the Strait of Gibraltar swim , IRONMAN triathlon , the TransTibet in Mountain Bike Greenland or marathons in different environments as the artic or deserts: Dead Sea, Kilimanjaro or Machu Pichu where is the current winner. His goal now is to remove all the experience and knowledge of his travels and challenges and make it available to people , institutions or companies in the field of personal and professional growth . He is the sport director of events as: MITIC BIKE, TRANS ESPADAN MTB, TRANS HIGHLANDS MTB, MITIC CHALLENG TRIATHLON SERIES, TRAIL DE LAS TRINCHERAS, YETI BIKE RACE.


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La vuelta al mundo en 5 Retos, 2011. SR Ediciones. Hard cover, 235 pages

Full color. Is the history of Apolo Esperanza fighting against 5 challenges in 5 continents over 5 different surfaces; water, ice, ground, air…introducing peoples as  Maoríes, Tibetans, Berebers, Samis…

Available in la Casa del libro, Fnac, National Geographic Store, Desnivel, Altair, Librería Patagonia.

8 Habilidades para afrontar 8 maratones, 2015. Desnivel. 202 pages

Tells about  8 different skils to face 8 marathons in the most variated environments of the planet: the artic, savanah, desert…For that, Apolo will develop several skils: lidership, strategy, adversity management, teamwork…

Available in la Casa del libro, Fnac, National Geographic Store, Desnivel, Altair, Librería Patagonia.

CIENTIFIC ARTICLE: Fluvial, glacial and coastal processes in the flooding plain of Kangerlussuaq. Hypothesis and influence of global warming.Universitat Valencia.

ABSTRACT                                                                                                                  The next study is a comprehensive geomorphologic analysis on the area of Kangerlussuaq and his fiord (Greenland), emphasizing in some elements as the coastal morphology of the fiord, as well as the delta of the river, the sedimentation produced by the glacier rivers Watson and Orkendalen, as well as other climatic considerations of the area of study and the hypothetical consequence that would mean the putting in scene of to climate warming in the area, according to the parameters observed in the different models of warming forecast for the following 50 years, and if this would signify possible risks for the Kangerlussuak’s flooding plain area