La vuelta al mundo en 5 Retos, 2011. SR Ediciones.

Hardcover, 235 pages in full color. Tells the story of Apolo Esperanza fighting 5 sports challenges, in 5 continents on 5 different surfaces; water, ice, land, air … introducing different towns such as Maori, Tibetans, Berbers, Samis …

Available at La casa del libro, Fnac, National Geographic Store, Desnivel, Altair, Patagonia Bookstore.

8 Habilidades para afrontar 8 maratones, 2015. Editorial Desnivel.

Black / white pages. It tells 8 different skills to face 8 marathons in the most varied environments of the planet: the Arctic, the savannah, the desert … for this Apolo will develop different skills: leadership, strategy, adversity management, teamwork …

Available in La casa del libro, Fnac, Desnivel, Regolf, Evasion, Patagonia Bookstore

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