Stage 1.Valdelinares – Linares de Mora

Departure neutralized in Valdelinares. Ascent to Masía de la Cueva, Más del Pino, GR-8 through the meadows parallel to the slopes until Coll of Gitana, one of the most mythical climbs of the test, at the coll you cross the road and continue by track until the booth Gitana, to descend to the valley of the Motoritas (here the gates will be removed but caution must be taken in case the shepherds close them again). The Majada Hontanar, Sta. Quiteria Hermitage (km.53) is reached. Cross paved Gúdar track through San Quitez, (km.55.3) where there will be a refreshment and possible point of “escape” at the end of the lag stage. More than Pinar by a very picturesque track to the Masía Hoya Bellida and a little further on, the Balsaín path begins, very beautiful and cycleable, to the source of the Cantal where you turn left towards Gudar by the Dehesa, crossing the Umbrías river and ascent by a beautiful PR to Fuente las Almas, cross Gúdar-Valdelinares asphalt road (km 69), climb to Peña Verna and descend to Gúdar by Pinarico and Peirón SE de Gúdar, (Km. 73) down the Covatilla path to Masía las Coastal, fully cyclable but you have to be careful with some step. You pass the Rambla de las trouts and climb the track to Majada de la Hogadera to reach the Fuente del Cantal and turn off towards the Fuente de la Salud, Mas de la Dehesa, by technical trialera (precaution in some step) to Allepuz and provisioning.

Here is the loop that goes up to the pylons, turning clockwise along the Cañada Real towards the Peirón de Sta. Barbara, crosses the A-226 (Km45.3 of the road, next to the roundabout) and heads towards the path del Cubillo to descend to Ctra. TE-V-3 (km1 of the road) and cross it towards Sollavientos River to ascend to the Dehesica and Fuente del Cantal, where the loop ends clockwise and descends to the Umbrías River to go up and deviate by the PR direction Gúdar (this section overlaps with the one of the previous day) to the paved road Gúdar-Valdelinares that crosses towards Cerro de Rosa María and descend (fast track and open to agricultural traffic and all land, caution ) by the Masía de la Solsida towards Masía de la Huesa to cross the A-228 Alcalá – Allepuz at Km 38.2 of the road (Km 32.7 of the crossing), caution at this crossing that is reached at high speed . Go up to the corral of Larilla on a path that has ramps greater than 25% although with grass with a very good grip, until you take the Valdearquero road and turn off the PR that goes down the cycle path and fast to Alcalá de la Selva, where there will be supplies .

From Alcalá you take a beautiful river path along the Molino del Conde and cross the Alcalá River at the height of the Virgen de la Vega Sanctuary towards Riscla fountain towards the asphalted road De Linares de Mora that passes through the Hermitage of San Miguel, passes by Mas de Simón, Mas de Paulejas and down a beautiful cycle path to the canyon of Torrejón and Linares de Mora (End of stage)

Stage 2. Linares de Mora – Valdelinares

Departure from Linares towards the Recreational Area of ​​Pino Escobón where you cross the TE-V-3 at the height of Km. 24 to climb the Mas de Domene, you will be advised to remove the chains from the road. It is a long ascent along a picturesque sloping track. You get to More de Colas, deviate on the Pinar Ciego Forest Road in rapid descent (caution, setera area, to the Masía Letrada and cross the A-1701 Linares-Mosqueruela Highway at Km 35.6 to continue on the road until the Hermitage of San Bernabé where there will be a refreshment and possible point of “escape” at the end of the stage for laggards, will continue along a winding path to descend to the Puertomingalvo ravine through the Masía Monleón to Masía Vega Rebollero, from here only the ascent will remain until Puertomingalvo, first by track and finally by the same path by which the crossing began to reach the town, where there will be provisioning. Departure from Puertomingalvo by path towards Masía Rebollero and Rambla Puertomingalvo. Crossing asphalted track Villafranca (km 8.1) direction Masía Zarzoso, a valley that becomes a canyon, between forests of carrascas at the beginning and wild pines in the highest, to the top of Portillo and dec Enso towards Mosqueruela through the wastelands of Masía Ballica and Ermita Loreto. You cross Mosqueruela (Km. 18) past the door of the Mosqueruela Inn (provisioning) and its beautiful portal.

Ascent by sports center towards Barranco Cañuelo by a technique but cyclable glended until track of the Collado de la Torre and continue on track towards Mas de Torre Navarro, Ermita San José, to turn left in the mass Our Lord northwest direction by the beautiful Barranco Valtuertas to Masía de Valtuerta, Masico Bertoldo, Canada del Hornillo, Alto Hornillo, highest point of the crossing at 2002m, Mas d